Top Tips for Easter Camping Trips


It’s a beautiful time of year in Australia. The sizzling heat of summer is passing, the temperature’s getting a little cooler in the evening, and the smell of hot cross buns fills the morning air with delight. With Easter just around the corner, now is definitely the time to start organising your long weekend getaway. Whether you’re hoping to go camping next to the beach, in the mountains, or near a lake, popular campgrounds get booked well in advance so if you haven’t already made a reservation, jump online and see which campgrounds still have availability!

For those of you who have travelled during the Easter break, I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the Easter traffic and how frustrating it can be with kids in the backseat! It seems that we always promise ourselves that we’ll be extremely organised next year to ensure our weekend goes as smoothly as possible. And yet we often find ourselves running around at the last minute to stock up on food and get the car packed so we can get to our campground with plenty of time to setup. So, to ease the burden of organising your Easter weekend, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips to ensure you have a relaxing and stress-free holiday.

Picking a campsite

Your favourite campground beside the beach was likely fully booked this time last year so it’s best to locate a campsite that is a bit more secluded and not as busy. Needless to say, it’s strongly encouraged to line up a campsite a couple of months beforehand, but if you still haven’t found one then it’s reasonably easy to search online and find a nice campsite that still has vacancies. Don’t forget that it’s a dreadful idea to try and search for a campsite without booking ahead as nothing is worse than aimlessly driving around looking for a campsite with vacancies!

Have an Easter egg hunt!

Every Easter needs an Easter egg hunt for the kids, but trying to remember where you stashed all the Easter eggs can be a bit baffling. Although children are wonderful at sniffing out chocolate a mile away, it’s important that you don’t forget any eggs which can be detrimental to wildlife. It’s an excellent idea to jot down the number of eggs you stash and take pictures of their location so no eggs (and foil) is abandoned for wildlife to eat.

Leave early

This tip is a given as almost every person has experienced the legendary Easter traffic grind. It’s advised to leave as early as possible which also makes it more convenient if your campsite has no booking setup and has a ‘first come, first served’ procedure. Many National Parks don’t allow bookings so showing up late on Thursday or early on Friday morning not only guarantees you a prime camping spot, but you’ll also skip the worst of the traffic.

Change up the camping menu

Even though there’s nothing wrong with the basic camping menu, Easter is a magnificent time to try something new. Damper is always a vintage camping treat and in the spirit of the season, why not add some Easter eggs or cocoa powder to the mix? If you’ve got a camp oven, consider making some hot cross buns which are always a success. Needless to say, you’ll still want to stock up your esky or 12V fridge with loads of seafood and fresh produce for your Easter dinner!

Give your camping equipment a spring clean

Easter is the ideal time to inspect all your camping accessories and give everything a spring clean. There’s nothing worse than the rank smell of mould in your sleeping bag or tent, so give everything a quick clean and make sure you’re not missing any vital parts like tent pegs. While you’re at it, take a look at your repair kit to be sure it’s fully stocked and if you’re missing any cable ties or duct tape, you’ll have loads of time to purchase spare parts and replacements before you head off.

Whilst Easter camping can be a bit of a scurry, following the practical steps summarised above will ensure your long weekend camping trip goes as smoothly as possible. The secret to having a splendid and memorable Easter is to be well-prepared and give yourself heaps of time to plan everything.

If you’re hunting for a wide variety of camping gear and equipment to make your Easter camping more comfortable, don’t hesitate to speak with TJM Australia by calling 07 3865 9999.

Happy Easter everybody!